Sunday, December 11, 2011

Featured Item - Red Stepback

2 Piece Stepback with Drawers

This week we are featuring a reproduction of a super stepback that is 2 pieces. The top is securely fastened to the bottom. This is a piece we had made especially for the Good Old Days. 
This piece is painted in a primitive cherry red with cream white on the interior. The upper 9 pane door contains old wavy and bubbly glass. There are 6 small dovetailed drawers that really add a unique factor to this piece.
The base provides good storage with one shelf.
You'll just love the paint on this... the color, the texture... you'll just want to feel it all over. We had this piece scaled down to fit in most of your homes. It measures 90" tall x 45 1/2" wide. Please contact us if your interested in purchasing this for only $1499. We can have one built for you in any color.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Featured Item

I have not been giving this blog due justice, so I have decided to add a Featured Item column to this blog. This addition will show photos of an item in the shop we think is especially nice and we will tell you a bit more about it. To stay abreast of these notifications, you just need to subscribe to our Newsfeeds or follow this blog. You can do this at the left of this column.


This Hoosier was originally located in Strong Museum, Rochester NY. We were lucky enough to acquire this piece and offer it to you. This Hoosier is as original as you can possibly find them. All the bells and whistles are intact. You will find everything here that they would have had back in the 20's when this cupboard was most popular.
Hoosiers come in several styles and configurations. This particular example is one of the most common sizes and configurations. It is the perfect example to show what this popular cupboard looks like and to demonstrate all of it's functionality. That is why this was chosen to be on display in the Strong Museum.
1920's Hoosier with doors open
Many Hoosiers are missing the items typically found inside and on the doors. Although most of these types of items can be purchased from a reproduction source, one almost never finds a Hoosier as complete as this. Here you will see the rack on the lower left door, the flour sifter in working condition, the spice jars, the charts on the doors, the recipe holder rack on the middle door, and spice racks on the right door.

Breadbox in lower drawer

Shown above is the bottom drawer. This drawer typically is used to store the freshly baked breads. Notice the sliding lid with the breathing holes. These lids are seldom found on most Hoosiers.
Flour Sifter and Spice Jars

These spice jars even has the original spices in them. The flour sifter is filled from the top. A glass viewing window is on the front to determine the level of flour left in the hopper. When one wants to fill a bowl with flour, one would place the bowl under the bin, slide the closure to the side, and crank the handle. The handle actually moves a sifter back and forth so the flour delivered is actually sifted as well.
Hoosier Chart
Very seldom will you ever find a Hoosier with charts in them such as this. If you do, they are typically a reproduction. These charts provide guidance to the home cook.
Back side of Hoosier
The backs are typically replaced with luan plywood. Another item you want to look for beside the original back is the tags identifying the model number, serial number, and plant where it was manufactured. Both the top and the bottom will have a tag attached to the back and the back will also be stamped with more identification numbers.
Original label found on the back of the Hoosier
Hoosier Tag
The Hoosier tag is always affixed to the front center with tacks. If it is shiny and new, it is a reproduction. These are most often missing.
Hoosier, Left Side
The finish on this Hoosier is very clean, yet original. Hoosiers made in the Indiana plant such as this, are almost always made of oak. The enamal top pulls out to provide the cook with a larger preparation surface. The copper brackets that hold the top off the bottom allow for the enamal top to slide.
This Hoosier was recently added to our collection and is for sale for $1499. Please contact is if you are interested in purchasing or would like more information about this particular piece.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Now Offering "Miniature" Primitive Cupboards

We are now taking orders on miniature scaled reproductions of the popular cupboards we have sold in the shop. The cabinetmaker of the original cupboards has agreed to make these miniatures on a limited basis. There are very few available, so we are taking orders on these NOW. Perhaps you would like one to accent your larger piece. Perhaps you would like one for your miniatures collection, or just to add to the primitive decor of your home. We can have these shipped to your home, anywhere in the USA, for just an additional $15. These fine little miniatures are actual scaled reproductions of the larger pieces. They are made by the same folks that produced the larger versions. That's made here in the good ole USA folks! That's important. Support your handmade in the USA people now more than ever! Call the shop at 315-589-2775 to order. These will not be available forever, so we urge you to act now while they are being offered to you.
The Current Styles of Miniature Cupboards Now being offered, on an Order Basis
Shown here is the 1/12 scale version of "Bob's Cupboard". It measures 13" tall x 7" wide x 7" deep. SKU: GIF41, $115
Shown in blue over mustard with a mustard interior. Colors can be whatever you like.

Shown here is the 1/12 scale version of "Bob's Cupboard". It measures 13" tall x 7" wide x 7" deep. SKU: GIF41, $115
Shown in red over mustard with a mustard interior. Colors can be whatever you like.
Shown here in 1/6 scale is the corner cupboard. Measures 27 1/2" tall x 17" wide x 9" deep. SKU: GIF42 - $149
Shown in Blue, but can be ordered in the color of your choice.
As of the first week of September, these mini's can be available towards middle to end of October. You can order in the color of your choice, but understand that there will be variability in colors and wear, as each piece is made by hand and painted by real people, not machines.
We will ship these to your door, or you can pick it up at the shop. They must be paid for and ordered in ADVANCE! Please call the shop at 315-589-2775 to order!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Shipment of Designer Baskets by Linda Searcy

We just took shipment of some great looking reproduction baskets designed by basket maker Linda Searcy. if you are familiar with Linda's work, you know her baskets are fabulous. Just look at these baskets in the photo.
Call the shop to order or stop in for a closer look. The large mitten basket is $49.99, the 2 tiered basket is $49.99, and the cracker basket is $24. There is more not shown. Call 315-589-2775 to order and have it shipped to your home.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Beeskep House

Made in our workshop, this is the latest "buzz" in garden primitive accessories. Rusty tin, various sized beeskeps, and burlap is all part of the "in" look being shown all over the place. We have plenty of old burlap bags and beeskeps, however this house is a new item and more can be made in a flash. Beeskep house sells for only $69.99.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

19th Century Pie Safe Recently Added to Inventory

We have had several requests for Pie Safes in the past couple months. In our recent trip to Brimfield, we found this one, that we think you might enjoy.
Nice cutouts on the feet
Nice and Clean Inside Too
Bottom right side door had the hinges replaced.
Nice Dovetailed Drawer Too!

This nice clean pie safe can be yours for only $1065. We can even arrange to have it delivered to your home. Call the shop at 315-589-2775 for further information

Friday, May 6, 2011

This is one of the new items we recently brought into the shop. This is a great, turn of the century, oak Hoosier type kitchen cabinet. Very unusual with the various compartments including the built in spice chest and flour bin.
 As you can see, this cupboard has a great oak top with breadboard ends. The pull down center door has been taken off a long time ago but we have it and it comes with the cupboard if anyone is tempted to put it back on.
There are several compartments that are out of the ordinary. One comes complete with a set of blue tin spice drawers. 
Also, the door on the right side reveals a very unique flour bin. The door on top lifts up and the flour is poured in here. Then when some is needed, one just slides the little door up and scoops out what you need. Pretty Cool!

This old Hoosier style cupboard is all Oak, has the original hardware, and is in an old finish. I don't see any repairs or modifications. The base is on wheels. The top portion simply screws to the base. I judge this to be made around the same period as the Hoosiers were, from 1920's era.
You can see this in the shop NOW. It is priced at $999, a very fair price for this unique Cupboard.

From time to time we will Feature a unique piece on this Blog, so please sign up and join this Blog to stay informed of these types of posts.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

STORE page updated with Easter & Everyday Items

We just updated the website with photos of Easter Folkart as well as over a dozen new Everyday folkart items.

So check out the website for all the photos and prices of the folkart currently available in the shop.
Don't wait too long, this popular stuff sells fast.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Farmyard Primitives Display Wonderfully

These are just a few photos of Farmyard Primitives that we currently have in the shop and shows what you can do with them.
 You can find these primitives all over the place, at farm auctions, sales, and of course at the Good Old Days Country Shop. Look for all our new Spring Open House photos to be on the Tour pages of the website shortly. Our Open House begins tomorrow at 9:00 am sharp.

This is an old Feed Trough in great old red paint. We are using it as a corner display.

This super primitive is an old Hog Feeder from an Amish farm in Wisconsin. Don't ask me how I got it.

Here we show how an old chicken feeder can be used. Think out of the box. Hang this on a wall and display all your primitives or hang it on your garden shed and plant some pansies in it.

This is an old Bean Sorter that was used to sort good ones from the bad ones. be Creative with it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Primitives Currently Available at the Good Old Days

The following photos are taken of some of the early antique primitives we gathered from around the shop. if your interested in anything seen here, please contact us by email, phone, or message. Serious inquiries only please!

These are only a few of those that we gathered around. We will be getting many more before we open for the season on March 25th. Don't miss the Open House!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Closed for thge Season but only the Bricks & Mortar

Our storefront is closed until March 25th but we are here and will fill any orders.
We want to hear from you. What are you doing with the things you bought from us? Post some photos. What will you be looking for next year? Requests?