Sunday, January 16, 2011

Primitives Currently Available at the Good Old Days

The following photos are taken of some of the early antique primitives we gathered from around the shop. if your interested in anything seen here, please contact us by email, phone, or message. Serious inquiries only please!

These are only a few of those that we gathered around. We will be getting many more before we open for the season on March 25th. Don't miss the Open House!!


  1. The blue bench on top of the stack has been sold. Please contact us if your interested in anything shown on this post.

  2. Hi I live in Houston Texas!!! Our only chance to find good early antiques is at a show we have twice a year call the Round Top Antique show ! I am so happy to have found your shop!!! I have been collecting early antiques for 40 years and I do have have some wonderful things but a collector always a collector!! I was wondering if you could give me a price on the 4 pieces of decorated stoneware in your picture!I am so happy to have found you through the 1800's house!THANK YOU CATHY SMITH

  3. Thanks for your inquiry. I have emailed you the prices on the stoneware. Please contact me for purchasing and shipping arrangements. Don't forget to also check out the website as well.
    Thank-you for your interest!