Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Featured Item - Cantback Cupboard

This is one of our favorite pieces and near and dear to our hearts and that is because we made this piece fashioned after an 18th century Cantback Open-top Pewter Cupboard.. The hinges are original 18th century in which we have been saving for years just for this project.
Reproduction Cantback Cupboard
Open View

You just gotta love the grungy mustard milk paint. This plus all the other primitive features like the bootjack cutouts on the ends, the mousehole, the early fashioned latch, and the original early backboards make this piece a MUST HAVE!
Side View
Take a look at the detail on the following photos.
Upper Moldings
This featured cupboard is being offered at a SPECIAL price of only $899. Contact us for more information!

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