Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Luminara Candle

Our Luminara Candle is a battery operated pillar candle that operates on a timer. Once you turn it on, it stays on for 5 hours and off for 19. It then turns back on again at the precise time that you turned it on. If the slide switch is turned to “on” instead of “timer”, then it will simply turn on and stay on until you turn it off again. What is great about this candle is that you can turn it on and off by means of a remote control, that we offer FREE with your purchase. This means you can put the candle high out of reach and still easily turn it on and off with your remote.

These hand poured country candles are made with blackened beeswax and dusted with cinnamon to give it that primitive grungy look we all are looking for.

Luminara Candle

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